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Morning Sickness Cures - 3 Unusual Cures for Morning Sickness

Friday, February 24, 2012

You've heard of the common morning sickness cures: ginger ale, eating bland foods, and avoiding certain cuisine. Here are three more unusual cures for morning sickness that you may not have heard of.
Acupressure - Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique used to relieve a variety of ailments, including nausea. There is a pressure point on your wrist, found three finger-breadths from the end of the hand, between two tendons. Continual applied pressure on this spot, called point P6, has been effective in reducing nausea due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, and motion-sickness.
You can buy seabands in most drugstores that target point P6; however, pressure can be applied to the point in a number of ways. Continued thumb pressure works. Some people receive electrical stimulation on a regular basis that provides beneficial results. Pregnant women can even make their own seabands by sewing a round button on a piece of Velcro and applying it to the pressure point. Acupuncture is one of those morning sickness cures that has been around for centuries, but has just recently been clinically proven to be as effective as other natural remedies.
Salt - We all know that pregnant women eat saltines to soothe their stomachs. Is it bec`use it's a bland food? Or might it have something to do with the salt? Surprisingly, salt can actually help ease nausea, making it one of the more unusual morning sickness cures.
For unknown reasons, women tend to salivate more during pregnancy. The medical term for this excessive salivation is ptyalism. Perhaps it's the hormones, or the fact that pregnant women don't swallow as often when they're nauseous; whatever the reason, an excess amount of saliva is a normal albeit annoying side effect of pregnancy. If you wake up in the middle of the night in a pile of drool, you may be suffering from this odd pregnancy symptom.
The excess of saliva in the mouth can trigger a gag effect, which in already nauseous pregnant women will most certainly cause vomiting. Enter in saltines or other salty foods. The salt helps dry up saliva, which helps stave off gagging, reducing morning sickness. Some pregnant women swear by salt and vinegar chips. Salt is certainly an unusual but effect cure.
It is important to remember that salt dehydrates, which can be especially dangerous for a pregnant woman. If you decide to indulge in a salty snack, be sure to replenish your body with ample water.
Lollypops - "Preggie Pops" are the latest pregnancy craze. Sold in most maternity clothing and baby stores, Preggie Pops reportedly help stave off morning sickness. Morning sickness sufferers swear by them, though the common complaint is that they are pricey.
What many don't know is that regular old lollypops and other hard candies work just as well as Preggie Pops, as long as you buy the right flavor! Preggie Pops come in flavors that ease nausea. Sucking on a lemon Jolly Rancher has the same effect. The reason hard candy works so well is that it lasts a long time. Lemon and spearmint help ease morning sickness better when the flavor is savored. Flavored popsicles work the same way, and are a great morning sickness cures during the hot summer months.
Buying lollypops or hard candies in bulk is cheaper and just as effective as "Preggie Pops," making them one of the most affordable and delicious morning sickness cures.
There they are, three unusual morning sickness cures for those tired of ginger ale. Next time you feel the onset of nausea, try a little acupressure, indulge in some potato chips, or reach for a comforting lolly-pop. Just remember to brush your teeth afterward!

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