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Ground Your Motion Sickness With Hypnosis

Friday, February 24, 2012

mind-boggling rides? Then, at some later age, the fun stopped and you spent most of the ride fighting off the nausea, eyes clamped shut, praying for the end of the ride. Opting to take a roller coaster ride is a choice adults can easily defer, but avoiding an airplane, boat, train or car trip is often inconvenient, costly and sometimes even embarrassing.

A common "cure" for motion sickness is the application of a drug such as Dramamine, with side effects that include drowsiness and loss of appetite. But what's the point of going on that fishing trip of a lifetime when you spend the majority of your trip snoozing in the forward cabin? And everyone knows that a major attraction of cruise ships is the fantastic array of available foods; you won't be getting your share while drugged out, or worse, fighting off nausea while isolated in your stateroom. Have you ever needed to use those airsickness "doggie-bags" while wedged between two strangers in an airplane seat? Talk about humiliating.

Often, if you take the medication, you can miss out on the adventure all together, and even suffer a "drug" hangover once you arrive at your destination. A vacation in the tropics isn't too fulfilling when you are in a fog state. I wonder if you can imagine being free of the devastating effects of motion sickness...being able to enjoy travel without discomfort from rolling or lurching sensations. It is possible through hypnosis. What actually causes motion sickness? According to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, "Motion sickness is caused by contradiction between external data from the eyes and internal cues from the balance center in the inner ear.

For example, in seasickness the inner ear senses the ship's motion, but the eyes see the still cabin. This stimulates stress hormones and accelerates stomach-muscle contraction, leading to dizziness, pallor, cold sweat, and nausea and vomiting. Minimizing changes of speed and direction may help, as may reclining, not turning the head, closing the eyes, or focusing on distant objects." Traditional preventative cures for motion sickness include drugs such as Dramamine, whose active ingredient Dimenhydrinate, may cause tiredness. There is a patch available that is worn on the body like a smoker's patch, but instead, behind the ear. It should be placed in position about 12 hours before riding. It works by administering the drug Scopolamine Hydrobromide through the skin.

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