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Available Morning Sickness Cures

Friday, February 24, 2012

and vomiting. You know that the dreaded morning sickness is about to begin and you start a desperate search for safe and natural morning sickness cures to help you cope. Several tried and true natural methods exist to eliminate or at least reduce nausea and vomiting naturally. Some of the most effective and reliable remedies are discussed below.

Research has revealed that a much smaller proportion of women suffer from pregnancy morning sickness in parts of the world where the staple foods are mostly fruits and vegetables and where dairy products are not consumed on a daily basis. It follows that one of the simplest and most natural sickness cures is to adopt a more vegetarian det. This method has helped many women cope with nausea and other symptoms while providing them with the nutrition their bodies need during pregnancy.

Eating several small meals throughout the day rather than three large meals, and munching on cookies in between meals is another method used by women to ward off nausea. This system of eating, especially when the food choices are rich in carbohydrates, is one of the most effective cures available. Including toast, baked or boiled potatoes, steamed rice and whole grain breakfast cereals in your meals can play a big role in fighting morning sickness and offsetting nausea.

One of the best known, most effective and time-proven cures is to consume ginger. The beneficial effect of this root spice against motion sickness nausea has been well known for many years. In fact, it is more effective than the drug Dramamine in the treatment of motion sickness. Since the principal morning sickness symptoms are nausea and vomiting, it stands to reason that ginger helps pregnant women to manage this condition. The most popular method for taking ginger is to sip ginger tea whenever you feel the need, throughout the day.

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