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How To Avoid Alzheimer's Disease By Prevention

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The scientists who research Alzheimer's disease (AD) have yet to discover what causes the formation of abnormal protein structures (called plaques and tangles) that destroy brain cells. However, It's now clear that certain life-style practices can guard against the inexorable memory loss and personality changes associated with this dreaded disease.

Evidence: In a landmark study of 678 Mid-western nuns, autopsy reports found that the brains of one-third of the 251 nuns who died in the course of the study had the plaques and tangles of AD but did not show symptoms of the disease. On the other hand, some nuns who had fewer plaques and tangles had experienced AD symptoms.


AD gets the lion's share of attention, but it's just one of many enemies that menace the brain as we grow older. Among them...

    Inflammation.This is a normal defense mechanism in which the immune system destroys foreign molecules, such as viruses, by releasing high-energy molecules, including free radicals. With aging, a mild degree of inflammation occurs in joints, skin and the brain, causing arthritis, skin wrinkles and memory problems.

    Ministrokes. Each ministrokes (blockage of tiny blood vessels within the brain may kill too few cells to have any noticeable impact, but when ministrokes occur hundreds-or even thousands-of times, they take their toll.

It's the cumulative impact that counts-the plaques and tangles of AD, plus all the other sources of damage.

Anything you do to promote the overall health of your brain may delay-or even prevent -memory loss and other AD symptoms.


Many of the same practices that lower your risk for heart attack and stroke also reduce the chances that you will develop AD.

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