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Discover How To Increase Your Height After Puberty

Friday, February 24, 2012

There are many people on the short side in life, and the foremost question in their mind is "can I grow taller after puberty?" When we reach puberty many different things happen in the human body because numerous hormones are in action to cause these changes to take place.

During these changes the body grows quickly and sometime after puberty the body stops growing. So to answer the question "can I grow taller after puberty," yes you can! It really is possible for the human body to grow a few more inches even if it has not grown in years!

When trying to increase height, the first thing you should focus on is your spinal column. The spinal column is one of the key factors that decides a person's height. Studies have shown that the spinal column is in charge of around 30 percent of your bodies overall height.

There are certain things that are required of anyone who desires to increase their height. Here are a few tips:

Stretching - This is one of the main solutions to your problem of being short. By doing certain stretches you could increase your height by a few inches. The proper stretches forces the spine to extend and get longer, thus increasing your height.

These stretching exercises also include hanging crunches, chin-ups, as well as pull-ups. By doing these exercises you will increase your height, but you must remember to do it on a consistent and daily basis.

Calcium - This is another main factor that you must give attention to. It is of vital importance that you consume more calcium in your daily diet if you desire to grow any taller.

Calcium deficiency has become a major problem in the world, we are just not getting the right amount on a daily basis. To get enough calcium make sure you drink enough milk or soy milk if your don't eat dairy products. You can also eat foods like cabbage, broccoli, nuts, beans, and many others. Some people also take calcium supplements, which I recommend if you know you are not getting enough.

Another unique way to increase your height is to improve your posture. You should be focused on keeping good posture all throughout the day, even while you're sitting.

Having good posture causes the backbone to stay straight, which will assist in adding inches to your stature. Poor posture puts strain on the backbone which will of course keep you from getting taller.

By following these simple steps, its possible for you to increase your height after puberty no matter how old you are!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6896091


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